Friday, April 1, 2011

Over 100 Dogs Saved from Nightmare Puppy Mill: “Worst Conditions Ever Seen”

In Warren County, Tennessee, Wednesday, 120 dogs were rescued from appalling living conditions at an alleged puppy mill.

Wilma Jones is now under investigation on suspicion of animal cruelty and neglect, according to media reports.

Although seven other dogs have died since then, according to the Tennessean, no charges have been filed against her as investigators wait for results on the cause of death of the dogs.

PR News Wire reported: “Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Brussels Griffons and other small breeds were found living in crowded, unsanitary conditions in small wire hutches outdoors and wooden crates in a basement. The dogs, some of whom had recently given birth, lacked proper socialization and veterinary care. Most were severely matted, living in enclosures encrusted with feces and urine; and, in at least one cage, a dog was found living with the remains of two dead dogs.”

Click here for a video of the conditions from the American Rescue Corps.

The Tennessean reports that they dogs will soon be released and turned over to placement partners for adoption, after they each receive an exam, vaccinations and any immediate medical care necessary by local veterinarians.

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