Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hounds in Headlines: Dog’s Body Warmth Saves Wandering Baby

Who needs a blanket when you have RC?

The Husky-German Shepherd mix saved a 2-year-old baby from freezing, in a 2007 story, by sitting on him and keeping him warm throughout an early March morning.

Temperatures chilled to 32 degrees, when the baby, Vincent Rhodey, wandered away from his home in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, wearing only a t-shirt. He found his way into RC’s neighboring outdoor house, where RC’s owner found the pair curled up together.

Although the baby’s mother regretted the incident, she faced child endangerment charges. The baby was checked out by doctors and said to be okay. He was placed in custody of his maternal grandparents.

Note: The story’s baby and dog are not represented in the photo displayed within this post.

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